Sales Team 6 was founded by Peter Frumenti and is based on one simple idea:

The way you lead your sales team Matters.

…It matters to your team, it matters to your clients, and it matters to your success and ability to scale your business.

Peter served in sales and sales leadership roles, selling multiple millions of dollars in products, services, coaching and consulting before creating Sales Team 6.

“Everything we do is done with purpose and one goal in mind: To help owners build sales teams that are fun to work with, who care about enrolling only the right clients and who are motivated by results.” ~ Peter Frumenti

Sales Team 6 has proven time and again that the ability to scale a high ticket offer fast requires the right team, the right training and the right leadership model. They created a process to do just that – working with consultants and thought-leaders all over the world, helping them build 6 and 7 figure sales teams, and removing themselves as the bottleneck in their business’ success.