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When you write blog posts on your WordPress site is not enough to get Google to index your newest post and make sure your post is optimized for the keywords that you are targeting. Everyone talks about the Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress site, but another plugin that we found this week is called Squirrly. Here at Social Tenacity we use both plugins. They both look at Search Engine Optimization a little differently. Let’s take a closer look at SEO by Squirrly.


SEO by Squirrly WordPress Plugin

Squirrly shows you real time optimization so as you are typing your article or blog post it tells you what you need to add in order for your post to be optimized for your specific key word. By using the prompts that Squirrly gives you your traffic will increase.

SEO by Squirrly


If you don’t know what keywords to optimize your post for it will help you find which words fit best with your post and what your customers are searching for. There is also great reporting and tracking that not only shows your analytics, but it also shows you how to fix the problems that you may have whether it be getting more traffic, how to be shared on social media, or if you need more links back to your site.


SEO by Squirrly has a free version that is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.


Try it out. We would love to hear from you about how SEO by Squirrly is working for you.

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